High resolution and high temperature X-ray diffractometer

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Materials Characterization
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Materials Characterization

The high resolution and high temperature X-ray diffractometer equipped with reflectometry at NML was installed in the year 2008. The main important feature of the system is its high resolution capabilities. Apart from the routine quality & quantitative phase analysis, the available software, TOPAS, can be used to determine micros strain and crystallite size. The reflectometry attachment along with the LEPTOS software can be used for the characterisation of thin films. The high temperature camera (upto 1600 degree C) with facilities to operate under controlled atmosphere and vacuum is used for high temperature phase transformation studies. The Euclerian Cradle available with the diffratometer gives it addition capability for crystallographic texture measurements.

Equipment Info
Resolution & Range: 
2 theta measuring range 0 to +1600 , angular reproducibility+/- 0.0001 deg or better, minimum step size 0.0001deg. Output - Plot
To characterize minerals, metals, and alloys
Sample type: 
Solid or powder samples
Model & Make: 
D8 Discover, Bruker AXS GmbH, Germany
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Dr. B. Ravi Kumar

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