Accelerated Surface Area and Porosimetry Analyzer

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Surface area and pore size distributions are important properties that determine reactivity of solids. The Accelerated Surface Area and Porosimetry Analyzer (Model ASAP2020: Micromeritics Instrument Corporation, USA) can measure surface area and pore size distribution of powder sample of metal, ceramic, ores etc using nitrogen adsorption. The equipment capabilities include:

Surface area:
The equipment can be used to measure specific surface area from as low as 0.01 m2/g for powdered glass, glass fibres etc to >1000 m2/g for very high surface area materials such as MCM41 etc.
Isotherm, single point BET surface area and multipoint BET (and/or Langmuir) surface area report and plot can be obtained.

Pore size analysis:
Porosity and pore size distribution can be measured for pores in the range 3.5-5000Angstrom. Complete isotherm comprising the adsorption and desorption, BET (and/or Langmuir) surface area report and plot, total pore volume, t-plot micropore analysis, BJH pore distribution analysis (based on adsorption and/or desorption data) reports and plots can be obtained.

5-10 g of solid sample is required for measurement. Measurement time may vary between a 2-4 hours for specific surface area analysis and up to 24 h or more, depending on the nature of the sample, for pore size analysis.

Equipment Info
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0.01-1000 m2/g
Surface area and pore size analysis
Sample type: 
Powder/granules (upto 1 mm)
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Model ASAP2020: Micromeritics Instrument Corporation, USA
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Rakesh Kumar

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