Real time X-ray radiography system

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Materials Characterization
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Materials Characterization

Real time x-ray radiography system at NML was installed in the year 2004. System is suitable to tackle quality assurance task in areas such as production, incoming inspections or research and development.
Key features:
• Work piece manipulator with 5 axes.
• Work piece diameter up to 60cm
• Work piece height up to 30cm
• Work piece weight up to 50kg.
• Imaging system VISTAPLUS3_V277
• High voltage range from 5KV to 225 KV.
• Tube current range from 0.5mA to 7mA.

Equipment Info
Resolution & Range: 
Penetration upto 20mm thick steel/non-ferrous
Radioscopic inspection of materials/components
Sample type: 
Solid block
Model & Make: 
Agfa NDT Pantak Seifert GmbH & Co. KG, Ahrensburg
Equipment Code: 
Year of Installation: 
Inventory No: 
PIR holder: 
Dr. B. Ravi Kumar

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