Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)

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Phase transformation

The Vibrating Sample magnetometer measures the amount of energy (heat) absorbed or released by a sample as it is heated, cooled or held at constant temperature. It also performs precise temperature measurements. Its power-compensation technique yields higher sensitivity to detect a weak transition. The system has set-ups for carrying measurement at low and high temperatures. The temperature ranges are
(i) High temperature : Room temperature to 725℃ and
(ii) Low temperature : -50 ℃ to 725 ℃
The meaurements can be carried out in inert atmosphere (Argon , He , N2)

Equipment Info
Measurement of (i) Phase transition (ii) activation energy (iii) Kinetics of phase transformation
Sample type: 
Mettalic Strips : Thickness Few microns to 1mm, width 2 mm, length 2 mm, few milligrams. Powders of few miligrams
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Perkin Elmer : Model-PYRIS Diamond DSC
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Dr.Amitava Mitra

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