Direct Reading Spectrograph (DRS)

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Applied & Analytical Chemistry
Research Area: 
Chemical Analysis

This is a simultaneous type polychromator Spectrograph with as many as 45 channels with 34 elements. Simultaneously 32 elements can be measured in a sample. Here the sample is sputtered with the spark source and the emission are measured with the help of 45 photomultiplier tube place against factory cut slit positioned at individual Bragg angle. The configuration of the spectrometer is Pachen-Runge mounting with the Ronald circle giving adequate resolution.

Equipment Info
Resolution & Range: 
1 ppm to 99 %
Elemental analysis of metals and alloys
Sample type: 
Model & Make: 
Bruker Q8 Magellan
Equipment Code: 
Year of Installation: 
PIR holder: 
Dr. A. K. Upadhyay

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