Down draft Sinter Pot

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Extractive Metallurgy
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Capacity : 10kg/ batch for iron ore mix
Dimension : 350x160mm (HxD)
Charging and ignition facility: From the top
Discharging: From side wall
Temperature measurement: 5 thermocouples at the different height of bed for studying flame front movement and one more for exit gas temperature measurement
Suction: Suction from the bottom with measuring facility. It is facilitated with digital measuring system of inlet air from the top. There is provision of oxygen or other gas injection from the top along with digital ratio controller.
Other features: It is integrated with pelletizer which facilitate to accept fines in form of micro-pellets, Pressure drop in bed is also measurable by the compound pressure gauges at the inlet and out let.

Equipment Info
Resolution & Range: 
Capacity : 10kg/ batch for iron ore mix
Sintering of iron ore fines, micro-pellets etc
Sample type: 
Fines and mocopellets of ores
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Dr. J. Pal

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