Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis (ESCA)

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Materials Characterization
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Microstructural Characterization

ESCA system at NML was installed in the year 2009. The spectrometer measures the kinetic energy (binding energy) of the ejected electron due to incident photon (X-ray light (XPS), Ultraviolet light (UPS), or Auger electron (AES), which leads to the identification of various elements and oxidation states of elements of the surface (1 – 10 nm usually). XPS measurements can be carried using three different sources; monochromatic Al K-alpha and non monochromatic Mg K-alpha and Ag K-alpha in the temperature range of 100 – 900 K. Besides, XPS has option for the in-situ depth profile measurement. UPS can be used to characterize valence band of electronic materials at and below room temperature.

Equipment Info
Resolution & Range: 
XPS energy resolution; 0.85 eV for Al K-alpha , 1.00 eV for Mg K-alpha and 1.4 eV for Ag K-alpha , minimum element detection limit is 0.5% using XPS, energy resolution of UPS is131 meV
Identification of elements, oxidation states of elements, band gap, Valence electron density and element distribution as a function of depth size
Sample type: 
Solid sample up to a maximum size of 7 mm x 7mm and thickness 5 mm. Material should not have volatile substances
Model & Make: 
M/s SPECS, Germany
Equipment Code: 
Year of Installation: 
Inventory No: 
NML-& (1/MST/LCP)/2006-PS (60) dt. 19-03-2007
PIR holder: 
Dr L. C. Pathak

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