Hot Modulus of Rupture

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Materials Processing
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Thermo Mechanical Behaviour of Ceramics/Refractories

The hot modulus of rupture (HMOR) is an important variable in the characterization of refractory materials. Determination of the maximum load at high temperatures is an important parameter for quality control and development of furnace linings.
The modulus of rupture is defined as the maximum stress of a rectangular test piece of specific dimensions which can withstand maxium load until it breaks, expressed in N/mm2 or MPa. For HMOR load is applied at a high temperature.The International Standard Test Method is described in ISO 5013; test piece dimensions: 150 mm x 25 mm x 25 mm.
With this model hot modulus of rupture of refractories up to a temperature of 1500°C and a maximum load of 5000 N (60 N/mm2) can be measured.

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Range - upto 1500°C
Measuring Hot Modulus of Rupture
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Bar (Size - 25X25X150 mm)
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Mr. S. K. Malviya

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