Pulsed Plasma Ion Nitriding

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Surface Engineering
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Surface modification

Pulsed plasma ion nitriding, a modern and environmentally clean method of nitriding, permits a fully automated and controlled nitrogen-diffusion process, which makes it possible to nitride the steel surfaces even without white layer formation thus, reducing finishing cost of the component. By controlling the pulse duration and repetition time, arc discharge can be effectively suppressed, treatment temperature can be varied without altering plasma parameters and phase constitution of the layer can be altered. Very complex shapes can be treated successfully and the active species can also enter blind holes, producing completely uniform modified layers on all parts in a heavily loaded chamber

Equipment Info
Resolution & Range: 
size: 600 mm x 600 mm, weight: 500 Kg.
Enhance the performance, in terms of fatigue and wear resistance, of highly stressed mechanical components
Sample type: 
Metal components, sheets etc.
Model & Make: 
Plasmon 600, Milman, Pune
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PIR holder: 
Dr S. K. Tiwari

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