Thermal Electrical Resistivity (TER) System

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Materials Characterization
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Phase transformation

The Thermal electrical resistivity instrument performs to measure temperature vs. electric resistivity change of the materials by four probe method using an programmable infra red gold image furnace. Measurement can be carried out in vacuum / inert atmosphere.
Electrical resistivity variation can be measured at temperature Ranges: (i) High temperature : Room temperature to 1000℃ (ii) Low temperature : 80K to 400 K.

Equipment Info
For the measurement of resistivity variations during phase transformations and recrystallisation.
Sample type: 
Metals and alloys. Samples in the form of rods and wires of diameter 200 µm to 5mm and length 40- 80mm. Strips with thickness 200 µm to 5mm wires and width 5-10 mm, length 40- 80mm
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Model: TER-2000RH/L, Make : Ulvac Inc, Japan
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