Vacuum/inert melt spinning unit

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Materials Processing
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Advanced Materials (Structural, Bio, Magnetic) & Processing

The Melt spinning unit involves rapid solidification processing route through melt spinning technique for the preparation of the ribbons directly from the melt. In this technique the molten metal is induction melted and ejected into a rotating Copper wheel. The process can be carried out in air or in inert atmosphere. The instrument has the capability of melting 1kg of Fe-based alloy. The process parameters include nozzle slit geometry, separation of nozzle slit and copper wheel, wheel speed, ejection melt temperature and pressure.

Equipment Info
Production of amorphous and nanostructured ribbons directly from the melt of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.
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Input material: Alloy ingots typically for ferrous alloys with diameter =20 to 25 mm, height~100mm, weight ~upto 1kg of Fe-based alloy. Output material: Ribbons of upto 25mm width and 30-50 microns thickness.
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Designed by NML: Fabricated at VacuumTechniques, Bangalore
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