Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

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Materials Characterization
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Advanced Materials (Structural, Bio, Magnetic) & Processing

The Vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) can be used to measure the change of magnetisation with applied field and temperature.
Measurement can be carried out at low and high temperature ranges:
(i) High temperature : Room temperature to 1000℃ and (ii) Low temperature : 80K to 400 K. Thermal measurements can be carried out in vacuum / inert atmosphere. Maximum magnetising field is 12kilogauss (1.2Tesla)

Equipment Info
Measurement of saturation magnetisation, initial magnetisation and Curie temperature
Sample type: 
Strips : Thickness 20 µm to 2mm, width 2 mm, length 2 mm. Powders : Few miligrams
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Lakeshore Model: 7404, USA
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