X-ray Analytical Microscope

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Applied & Analytical Chemistry
Research Area: 
Chemical Analysis

Using X-ray Analytical Microscope, instantaneous 2-dimensional analysis of element composition and structure can be performed at the sample location being viewed by the operator and the acquired data simultaneously records information for the optical image, element map, and transmitting image. Various types of qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis can be done without damaging the sample. Some useful applications include locating a malfunction in the circuit board without destroying it; a foreign substance can be identified without removing it from its location, etc.

Equipment Info
Resolution & Range: 
0.1 mm to 10 mm
Metal mapping, qualitative surface analysis, semi-quantitative analysis
Sample type: 
Model & Make: 
Horiba XGT 5000
Equipment Code: 
Year of Installation: 
PIR holder: 
Dr. Sanchita Chakravarty

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