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Varian, Inc. is a recognized world leader and innovator in AAS, ICP-OES and ICP-MS. Varian’s history in atomic spectroscopy began with the development of the components for the world’s first atomic absorption spectrometer in the mid 1950s. Since then, Varian’s experience in atomic spectroscopy has led to numerous innovations, including:

• SpectrAA - the first AAS to provide centralized PC control in 1984

• UltraMass - the first fully-automated ICP-MS in 1993

• Vista - the world’s fastest ICP-OES in 1998

You asked us for an ICP that was more productive and more affordable. We listened. Today, Varian is proud to introduce the Vista-MPXTM, delivering the productivity of simultaneous elemental analysis at an affordable price.

The secret to this performance is the innovative MPX megapixel detector, the first to provide over 1.1 million pixels in a CCD array detector design. The Vista-MPX gives the benefits of full wavelength coverage and simultaneous measurement.

Full wavelength coverage means spectral interferences can be easily avoided. Simultaneous operation means better results precision, improved background correction and higher productivity. Quite simply, Vista-MPX gives you better answers,

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