Nanoindentation Unit

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Surface Engineering
Research Area: 
Mechanical Behaviour of Materials

Description: This XP naniondenter works in continuous stiffness measurement (CSM) and control load mode. Berkovich indentor is mainly used for determination of mechanical properties and elastic plastic behaviour of material. It has nano vision and DCM attachment also for related studies. The

Equipment Info
Resolution & Range: 
In XP mode 0- 500 millinewton In DCM mode 0- 100 millinewton
Nanoindentation is a method of measurement of the mechanical properties of small volume of material as Hardness, young modulus, Fracture toughness, creep, load displacement curve. This is applicable for mechanical properties of surfaces, coatings, multiphase materials and layered materials. Sample: Thin-films coatings, Bulk solid materials.
Sample type: 
10-20 mm flat smooth surface samples
Model & Make: 
Agilent: MTS Nanoindenter ‘XP’
Codes and Standards: 
silica is used as standard calibration
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PIR holder: 
Dr. S. K. Mishra

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