Combined Airless and Conventional Dryer

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Materials Processing
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Metallurgical/Mineral Waste Utilization
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Airless drying is a new concept for drying ceramics, geopolymers, wood etc to avoid crack and warpage during drying. To replace the air initially contained in an airless dryer with a superheated steam atmosphere, the air is recirculated over an indirect heater, through or around a moist product and back to the heater. This heats the air and the dryer's internal components to above 100 degrees C, while the moist product's surface temperature rises towards 100 degrees C. The advantage of airless dryer is as follows:
1. Reduction in drying time
2. Ability to dry any product which can withstand the temperature of 100 degrees C
3. Recovery of the removed moisture as a supply of de-mineralized water
4. Conditioning of the dried material and/or prevention of oxidation, which can improve output quality or performance and/or reduce subsequent processing costs

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