FEI Nova NanoSEM 430 UHR Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

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Materials Characterization
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Microstructural Characterization

FEI Nova NanoSEM 430, an ultra-high resolution field-emission SEM which is specifically configured to get the most information out of the largest selection of samples, down to the nanometer level. The Nova NanoSEM 430 has the capabilities of very low kV characterization as well as its analytical capabilities. A SE/BSE in-lens detection and beam deceleration technology, the Nova
NanoSEM 430 is a complete solution for ultra-high resolution characterization at high and low voltage in high vacuum. Ultra-high resolution can be achieved even on non-conductive nano-materials and devices.
Spectacular results can be obtained on a variety of challenging materials such as metals, magnetic materials, nano-particles and powders, nano-tubes and -wires, porous materials, plastic, electronics, glass substrates, organic materials, diamond films, etc.
Available nanoanalysis capabilities such as EDS and EBSD with Nova NanoSEM 430 will provide a powerful solution for the most demanding characterization needs at the nanoscale. This SEM is in operation at NML from January 2010.

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