Magnetic Flux Density

MagStar: A Portable Magnetic Sensing Device for Non-destructive Evaluation of Steel Structures /Components

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Materials Characterization
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Non-destructive Evaluation
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Magnetic Properties evaluation

MagStar is a Magnetic NDE device developed jointly by M/s Technofour, Pune and CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur. It measures Magnetic Hysteresis Loop (MHL) and Magnetic Barkhausen Emissions (MBE) using a single magnetizing probe. It has also the option for measuring MHL and MBE separately. The device is portable and light weight.

Equipment Info
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A cyclic magnetic field of maximum 1500 Oe with an excitation frequency of 50mHz to 200Hz. A sinusoidal cyclic magnetic field upto 350 Oe with an excitation frequency of 10-200Hz can be induced for Barkhausen signal with variable band pass filter within 10-300kHz.
 Evaluation of microstructural changes during heat-treatment/ageing  Determination of ferrite volume fraction  Evaluation of ferromagnetic phases and its correlation with mechanical properties (e.g. hardness)  Residual stress analysis
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Bulk Materials of required minimum size as like length: 60 mm, width : 15 mm & thickness: 5 mm.
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Dr. Amitava Mitra

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