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Cycle of Development at BTTD 2015


Creation of an innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem is a major goal of education. The scientific and industrial research system also depends to a very large extent on the propagation of innovation skill-sets. We have to ensure that in educational institutions, students are encouraged to innovate, and to come up with entrepreneurial ventures so as to become “Job givers” rather than “Job seekers”. How successful are we in our endeavour? The short presentation on “Cycle of development” followed by an interactive brainstorming game with students would bring out how to make innovation and entrepreneurship a quintessential part of our learning and pedagogy. Through this fun-filled brainstorming game, students will be generating ideas and queries, clusting and finally sharing them with all. The outcome of this presentation and brainstorming is to come up with proposals to enhance activities in innovation and entrepreneurship development.

• Idea generation
• Promotion of innovation, technology development and entrepreneurship
• Self-realization and confidence building
• Motivation towards value creation in society

Dr. Mita Tarafder
M: 9334041104

BTTD 2015:

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