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Applied & Analytical Chemistry
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Surface Chemistry

Particle Size and zeta potential are important for the stability of a colloidal suspension. These parameters become critical in stabilizing sol, synthesis of nanoparticles suspension and water treatment processes involving adsorption, precipitation and coagulation. NML, Jamshedpur is housing a Malvern particle size analyzer coupled with a multi purpose titrator for the determination of particle size, zeta potential, isoelectric point (IEP) and molecular weight in colloidal suspensions. Instrument operates on the basis of dynamic light scattering technique and can provide the total particle size distribution with average particle size.

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Particle size analysis in suspension in the range of 0.6 nm to 6┬Ám, Molecular weight determination in the range 1000-2x107 Dalton
Particle size analysis in suspension, Zeta potential measurement, Molecular weight , isoelectric point (IEP)
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Liquid suspension and powder material
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Nanoparticles Size Analyzer, NanoZS (Malvern)
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Dr T. Mishra

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