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Please click the attached files to see the Minutes of Meetings of Executive Committee of IIM, Jamshedpur Chapted.

MOM_IIMEC_19July2013.pdf192.7 KB
MoM_IIMEC_21June13.docx62.11 KB
MoM_AGM_25May13.pdf360.08 KB
MoM_IIMEC_23May13.pdf237.64 KB
MoM_IIMEC_15Mar13.pdf243.97 KB
MoM_IIMEC_6Dec2012.pdf234.64 KB
MoM_IIMEC_19Sep2012.pdf203.68 KB
MoM_IIMEC_30Jun11.pdf206.53 KB
MoM_IIMEC_21Jun12.pdf220.21 KB
AGM_21Jun12.pdf349.06 KB
MoM_IIMEC_5Apr12.pdf239.37 KB
MoM_IIMEC_19Jan12.pdf250.29 KB
MOM-EC-IIM JSR-Oct10- 2018-1.pdf339.21 KB

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