NML's Equipment Facilities

# Equipment Code Title Uploaded by Area Linked to
31 AAC/20 TOC/TIC ANALYZER santanu Applied & Analytical Chemistry
32 AAC/21 AUTO-TITRATOR mita Applied & Analytical Chemistry
33 AAC/22 MODULAR ION CHROMATOGRAPH (Metrohm) santanu Applied & Analytical Chemistry
34 AAC/99 Three Container Water Filter for Iron and Arsenic Removal mita Applied & Analytical Chemistry
35 CCT-450 Salt Spray Chamber with Cyclic Corrosion Test (CCT) facility kgk Materials Evaluation
36 MEF/01 RI-RDI Apparatus mcg Extractive Metallurgy
37 MEF/03 High Temperature Viscometer mcg Extractive Metallurgy
38 MEF/04 Ash Fusion Furnace mcg Extractive Metallurgy
39 MEF/05 Down draft Sinter Pot jp Extractive Metallurgy
40 MEF/06 Electric Arc Furnace jp Extractive Metallurgy
41 MEF/08 Eccentric Vibration mill alex Materials Processing
42 MEF/12 Thermal Conductivity Tester snath Materials Processing
43 MEF/13 Hot Modulus of Rupture snath Materials Processing
44 MEF/14 Induction Melting Facilities rkm Extractive Metallurgy
45 MEF/15 Roasting Furnace kksahu Extractive Metallurgy
46 MEF/16 Mixer Settler Unit kksahu Extractive Metallurgy
47 MEF/18 Autoclaves kksahu Extractive Metallurgy
48 MMS/01 DEFORM-3D A Finite Element Based software for simulation of Metal Forming & Heat Treatment Operations skd Materials Modelling & Simulation
49 MMS/02 Finite element software: ANSYS & ABAQUS rajan Materials Modelling & Simulation
50 MMS/03 CFD Software: Fluent rajan Materials Modelling & Simulation
51 MNP/01 Centrifugal Jig for Separation of Fine Mineral Particles rs Mineral Processing
52 MNP/04 DelsaNano C Submicron Particle Size Analyzer with Autotitrator rkrath Mineral Processing
53 MST/18 FEI Nova NanoSEM 430 UHR Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope sapan Materials Characterization
54 MTC/00 MagStar: A Portable Magnetic Sensing Device for Non-destructive Evaluation of Steel Structures /Components rajat Materials Characterization
55 MTC/00 Calibration system for Magnetic Barkhausen Emission rajat Materials Evaluation
56 MTC/00 Scanning Probe Microscope pramanick Materials Characterization
57 MTC/01 Thermal Electrical Resistivity (TER) System akpanda Materials Characterization
58 MTC/02 Vibrating Sample Magnetometer akpanda Materials Characterization
59 MTC/03 Magnetic Barkhausen Emission Analyzer akpanda Materials Characterization
60 MTC/04 Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) akpanda Materials Characterization

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