NML's Equipment Facilities

# Equipment Code Titlesort icon Uploaded by Area Linked to
61 MTC/07 Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) pramanick Materials Characterization
62 MTC/08 Real time X-ray radiography system ajoy Materials Characterization
63 MTC/09 Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis (ESCA) ajoy Materials Characterization
64 MTC/10 Dual Frequency Multi-channel Eddy Current System sarmi Materials Evaluation
65 MTC/11 High Power High Frequency Ultrasonic System sarmi Materials Evaluation
66 MTC/12 Acoustic Emission Test System hnbar Materials Evaluation
67 MTC/13 High resolution and high temperature X-ray diffractometer ajoy Materials Characterization
68 MTC/13 HITACHI S-3400N Scanning Electron Microscope sapan Materials Characterization
69 MTC/14 Transmission Electron Microscope pramanick Materials Characterization
70 MTC/15 Laser Flash Thermal Diffusivity Instrument ajoy Materials Characterization
71 MTC/16 Precision Impedance Analyser sarmi Materials Characterization
72 MTC/17 Ultrasonic System with Time of Flight Diffraction sarmi Materials Evaluation
73 MTC/18 Ultrasonic C Scan System sarmi Materials Characterization
74 MTC/19 High Frequency Ultrasonic Pulser Receiver sarmi Materials Characterization
75 MTC/99 Hitachi VP S-3400N Scanning Electron Microscope sapan Materials Characterization
76 MTE/00 NML-NPL Centre for Calibration (NNCC) mkmahato Materials Evaluation
77 MTE/01 Instrumented Impact Test System with Environmental Chamber jksahu Materials Evaluation
78 MTE/02 Miniature Specimen Test System nn Materials Evaluation
79 MTE/03 Tension-Torsion Test System with Internal Pressure Arrangement shiva Materials Evaluation
80 MTE/04 High Strain Rate Test Facility mita Materials Evaluation
81 MTE/05 Miniature Specimen Test System shiva Materials Evaluation
82 MTE/06 Servo-electric dynamic test machines shiva Materials Evaluation
83 MTE/07 Creep Testing Facilities shiva Materials Evaluation
84 MTP/00 Arc melting furnace with casting facility rajat Materials Processing
85 MTP/01 Forging Hammers mmh Materials Processing
86 MTP/02 Rolling Mills mmh Materials Processing
87 MTP/03 Extrusion Press mmh Materials Processing
88 MTP/04 Wire Drawing Machines mmh Materials Processing
89 MTP/05 Accelerated Surface Area and Porosimetry Analyzer alex Materials Processing
90 MTP/06 Vacuum/inert melt spinning unit akpanda Materials Processing

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